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GSC-IN: India TRAVELLING INTERNET 4G/LTE GLOBAL SIM CARD 1-4GB/ 7-30 DAYS, Data only, no phone call and Text Message!

  • Model: GSC-IN

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Coverage: India

Data Plan:
1. GSC-IN-17:   India 1GB/ 7 Days
2. GSC-IN-215: India 2GB/ 15 Days
3. GSC-IN-430: India 4GB/ 30 Days

Note: Globalsimcard doesn't support phone calls and SMS message. This is a data only sim card. You can use Voip apps such as Fongo to use phone services.

You may refill or recharge your SIM card within 6 months following the expiration of your previous package. However, please note that if you do not refill your SIM card within these 6 months, it will become invalid and cannot be reactivated.