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PMCI-CHM: China/Hong Kong/Macau Travelling Internet LTE Global SIM Card 2 to 5 GB/7-30 Days, Data only, no phone call and Text Message!

  • Model: PMCI-CHM

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Coverage: China, Hong Kong, Macau

Data Plan:
1. PMCI-CHM27: China/Hongkong/Macau 2GB/ 7 Days 
2. PMCI-CHM415: China/Hongkong/Macau 4GB/ 15 Days  
3. PMCI-CHM530: China/Hongkong/Macau 5GB/ 30 Days 

Please be noted (Honk Kong Travellers only): Please make sure the phone APN name is: "pmci", please manaually change the APN to "pmci" if it is different.

Note: eSIM applies to certain Phones/Tablets only! Please check Compatible Phones/Tablets with eSIM if you want to receive the eSIM code instaed of the Phisical Platic SIM Card.

Globalsimcard doesn't support phone calls and SMS message. This is a data only sim card. You can use Voip apps such as Fongo to make phone services.

You may refill or recharge your SIM card within 6 months following the expiration of your previous package. However, please note that if you do not refill your SIM card within these 6 months, it will become invalid and cannot be reactivated.

Once the eSIM card is scanned by your device, it will be activated and the service period will begin. Please scan it only when you are ready to start using the GlobalSIMCard data package .