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SMT-HK: Hongkong Travelling Internet LTE Global SIM Card 2-5GB/7-30 Days, Data only, no phone call and Text Message!

  • Model: SMT-HK

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Please be noted: Per the latest government regulation, you must register your identity on prior to departure if you are using this card in Hong Kong!
The card can not be activated in Hongkong without the above registration!

After the above registration, this card can also be used in China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Data Plan:
1. GSC-AS1-27:   Asia Area1 2GB/ 7 Days
2. GSC-AS1-415: Asia Area2 4GB/ 15 Days
3. GSC-AS1-530: Asia Area2 5GB/ 30 Days