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GLC-RLD: Pre-paid Global Sim Card Reload/Refill, Eligible for card purchased within 6-month Only

  • Model: GLC-RLD

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Only Sim Card within 6-Month Since Purchased/First Activated Date is Eligible for Charging/Reloading!

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Please enter 16-digital Sim Card number.

Note: We usually process the order within 1-hour between 8:00am and 11:PM EST.
Please be advise if your current refilled package is different from the previous one(e.g. You change package from 4GB/30-Day to 2GB/15-Day). Your order will be processed normally if your previous package has expired. In case your previous package has not expired yet but the LTE data limit has ended, we need to send the order to the HQ to process manually. The card will be refilled during the business hours on the next business day(Hongkong time).

Refilling/Reloading card will reset your current package (the remaining data will be cancelled) and restart a new package with corresponding data limits and expiration date.

Please refill/reload after you current data limit is reached or time period is expired. You can reach us anytime at for all the inquires.