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Free shipping GlobalSimCard!

GLC-EMT: Worldwide Travelling Internet LTE Global Sim Card, Free sim card after refill. No Phone calls and SMS text messages.

  • Model: GLC-EMT

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Product Detail

Free Physical SIM card!
How does it work:
1. Please select the right type of sim card (see package chart below) prior to your trip. This card can be refilled within 6-month of purchasing.
2. You will receive your card via Canada Post Letter Mail with free shipping. Normally it takes 2-9 business days for most of Canadian locations.
3. You will receive a $3.99 coupon which equals to the amount you paid for this card. You can redeem this coupon at your first refill order.
Please enter the redemption code when you check out before final payment page. Only emty sim card purchased from directly is reemable.

Please refill the sim card at:
Note: Global sim card is a data only sim card without phone service. You need to use VoIP apps such as Fongo etc. to make phone calls.

Certain type of cards can only be charged for the corresponding data package. Please see details in the chart below:

Note: Globalsimcard doesn't support phone calls and SMS message. This is a data only sim card. You can use Voip apps such as Fongo to make phone services.

You may refill or recharge your SIM card within 6 months following the expiration of your previous package. However, please note that if you do not refill your SIM card within these 6 months, it will become invalid and cannot be reactivated.